About Us

Neurologists have linked numerous activities in the brain with the impact of sound and it is a proven truth that every sound triggers a sentiment or emotion in the human psyche. The enchanting echoes of OM that transmits you to an alternate universe or the spellbinding melodies of your favourite song, every sound has a vibration that affects your mind and even changes your mood.

This is the reason why we decided to not just bring back the charm of the good old Wind Chimes but also reinvented them with a build quality that generates clear and pleasant sound. We admire the fact that how simplistic this percussion instrument is and even while reinventing it in design and other aspects, we decided to keep it as simple and timeless as possible.

As per Vastu Shastra, this percussion instrument, especially with the iron-mix rods that we are offering, can bring good luck and fortune in your life. An apt gift for every occasion and a purchase that can be quite propitious for you, our Wind Chimes are packed with good wishes that we have for each buyer. We design each Wind Chime with utmost care, offering you nothing but the best.

Tinkling with even a gentle touch of the breeze, our Wind Chimes ring in positivity; uplifting your mood with the energy to keep going. Whether it is your workplace or home, this decor element can be a perfect fit; harmonizing the energies and making the ambience serene. Apart from all this, our Wind Chimes are durable and blend well with every interior and exterior space.